Marc Kent Talks Equestrian Training with the UK’s leading Equestrian Athlete Coach, Matt Luxton

Equestrian Athlete Plan | Interview with Commando Fitness Expert from matt on Vimeo.

Austin Lawrence, Leading UK Back Specialist, Talks With Matt Luxton, Equestrian Athlete Coach

Equestrian Athlete Plan , Back Care , UK Leading Back Pain Author, Austin Lawrence from matt on Vimeo.

Dax Moy Testimonial for EAP

Bottom line here, I am not into selling things for the sake of it, and I hate the hard sale, that is why I have taken the time to develop this great programme for you and not just bashed out a quick fix that could be for anyone.


Dax Moy Testimonial for EAP from matt on Vimeo.

The Equestrian Athlete Plan – Aintree

Aintree from matt on Vimeo.