Hot To Trot Cookbook

Matt Luxton of The Equestrian Athlete Plan is delighted to announce the arrival of The Hot to Trot Cookbook. This cookbook has over 130 recipes within and is a great support for anyone who follows Matt’s Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan or perhaps just wants to know how to eat healthily. In the past you may have been given a diet or a nutritional plan with calorie counting, no need for that with this book. No frilly bits, just pure, simple, wholesome recipes that are easy to prepare and help you to enjoy eating healthily. Eating healthy food used to be boring!

Not any more!

Matt has compiled some delicious recipes that will keep you craving great sources of food all the time. Helping you stay off the toxic, contemporary, fast food, junk! The foods within the book are 100% compliant with Matt’s Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan.


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Rider Fitness -Matt Luxton's Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan

This book grew out of Matt’s very own desire to have quality, easy meals when he wanted. So if you too, sometimes struggle for inspiration at the worktop, this one is for you. Sections include breakfasts, brunches and snacks, lunches, evening meals, fresh juices and smoothies, finger food, muffins and more!
If you like to add toxic extras to your recipes or you like cookbooks that have pretty pictures of dishes that look nothing like what you serve, then this cookbook is not for you. I have pre warned you.

Matt’s cookbook represents amazing value, at just 19.99GBP, you will receive a digital downloadable copy of the Hot to Trot Cookbook. Click below and you will be taken to a secure page, and asked for your card or paypal details. Once you have completed this you will be able to download your cookbook within  from a direct page, so dont close it down! Now go get cracking with the healthy eating your one and only body deserves to be fuelled with.