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Matt Luxton, Leading Equestrian Fitness
Trainer & The Author Of The Equine
Athelete Plan Brings You The
That Will
Help You Instantly Improve Your Riding
Fitness. To Leave No Stone Unturned In
Your Quest To Becoming A Better Rider!

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To Celebrate The Launch of Matt’s Amazing Equestrian Athlete Plan we are going to give you.

- Exclusive access to Matt’s awesome Equestrian Emergency manifesto in which he reveals why many equestrian athletes are choosing the wrong exercises, eating the wrong foods.
- Find out how to train your core specifically for riding not generically for nothing!
- Find out how to eat to improve mental alertness, improving your reactions times as your horse tires.
- Find out for FREE how training the specific muscles you need for your riding, will improve your seat.
Also included for FREE within are Matt’s

- Video interview with a top British equestrian team member. Matt and the ‘said athlete’discuss the importance of fitness and nutrition to benefit both the rider and the horse in their quest for success in whatever event they choose!

-FREE Access to the key principles behind Matt’s Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan that has helped many equestrian enthusiasts realise not only improved riding performance but significantly improved energy and health levels.

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